Mother’s Day

So Week 2, also no calls.  Week 3, one call regarding a man with diabetes whose insulin pump wasn’t working.  The team took off in a blaze of glory, and I was left at the station by myself.  With no explicit instructions, I decided to use the time to work on my Mother’s Day present to my mom – a book with fill-in-the-blanks on each page for different things you love about your mom.

I didn’t speed through it, and I didn’t labor over it either.  In truth, some parts were harder than others, underlining the complex relationship a girl has with her mother.  When i got stumped, i tried to imagine what i would love for my daughter to say about me, and then adapt it to my mom.  So…some of it was wishful thinking.  But so is our relationship.

I’d give you some examples but i already gave the book to my mom and she loved it.  Mother’s Day accomplished!

My husband and dad took the kids and me out to lunch on Mother’s Day and it was great.  i love seeing my kids with my dad – i hold no bitterness at all that he’s a better grandfather than he was a father, and i hope he doesn’t mind my saying that.  Because he’s a really great grandpa (although i think my kids kind of think of him as the Staten Island Santa Claus – he always brings them a huge sack of toys).

The rest of the day, i napped on the couch.  And was allowed to do so by my gracious husband who kept the kids entertained, even allowing them to mess up the kitchen in sacrifice.  i do feel a little strange about the fact that i was happiest about Mother’s Day when i could take a break from being a mother.  But, when you think about it, aren’t the “best” jobs the ones that give you the most perks for when you’re not working?  Benefits for when you’re sick and can’t work, vacation time for when you want to take a break from working, pensions for when you’ve done all you’re going to do for the company and would like to stop working.  It’s too bad you can’t skip all the working and cut straight to the benefits.  But motherhood is the same – like all other jobs, you can’t skip the middle man – you have to do the job of raising the kids before you can enjoy the downtime of being a grandparent. Unless you’re my dad.  He managed to cut out the middle man…  now i know where i got my brains.

Sorry, Mom, that was one of the truth-stretching pages in your book…


Hello and welcome to my blog!  My name is Shana Darling O’Keefe and I created this site to chronicle my adventures as a mom of two adorable kids and the newest volunteer on the First Aid Squad for my town!  In many ways, they have a lot in common.  As a mom, i often find myself jumping in and coming to the rescue, whether it be bandaging boo boos, magically producing just the right dinner for my picky little eaters (/cleverly renaming the same old stuff so it sounds new), or juggling three birthday parties (and presents, don’t forget presents – it’s kind of like an admission price for 2-3 hours of child-coma-inducing jumping around) in one day.  Nothing like the sense of accomplishment you get after a hug around your waist!

A couple of years ago, I came to a turning point in my life and had to make some very crucial decisions as to what direction I wanted my life to head.  When I looked around for what it was I really wanted, I knew I wanted to be a good mom.  Almost anyone of the female gender can be a mom, but I really wanted to be a GOOD one.  Not just because I wanted my little ones to love me and respect moms, although that’s definitely important, but because i really love my kids, they’re truly special little people, and i really want them to have a happy and joyous childhood, one that will lead them to be adults capable of making their dreams come true.  Also, i love when they high five me.

Does this mean i’m a stay-at-home mom that spends all her time baking cupcakes, polishing the floors, and spending every spare moment on Pinterest to find the perfect rainy day arts-and-crafts and just-so birthday party goody bags?  Not at all (my Pinterest account is full of tattoos and pictures of Norman Reedus…mixed in with art, crafts, and Girl Scouts boards, of course!).  Good moms are happy moms and happy moms do things that make them happy.  So, i have a full-time job that i love and allows me to have control over my own finances.  It is, however, an office job.  And i’m a big science nerd.  So i sometimes get a little antsy not seeing the science behind what i write about in my day-to-day reporting of all things pharma.

The truth is, i longed to be in a healthcare setting, treating patients, rather than writing about it.  i considered going back to school to pursue a degree in nursing.  But, with two kids ages 5 and 3, and college looming in the future, it’s a hard thing to do to part ways with your current salary for a smaller one, however fulfilling the job may be.

And then a few months ago, i got a mailer from my town’s First Aid Squad, asking for volunteers.  i was intrigued and the inner volunteer that sits somewhere in my otherwise charcoal heart (not black, mind you, i don’t throw kittens in dumpsters or anything) perked up (she’s the one that’s always clicking those buttons to sign up for walks and raising her hand at PTA meetings…i’ve tried sitting on her but she’s awfully slippery).  i realized i might just have found a way to satisfy my inner need to treat patients and not damage the finances my kids have come to depend on to keep them up to their ears in Shopkins.

And so i signed up (this actually involves a notarized contract, very hard core), and began my first tour of duty – one day a week for four hours, training at the station.  My first assignment was to get trained on doing “rig checks.”  A rig is first aid jargon for an ambulance, and they must be thoroughly stocked at the start of every shift.  This makes sense – i can imagine getting a call from an ambulance that didn’t have any working stretchers is a lot worse than getting a call from the school that your daughter forgot her underwear (it’s not happened yet, though not for my daughter’s lack of trying!).

Week 1: no calls.  But i found out they all eat together, which is more than i can say for my little family – after our infatuation with our new kitchen table ran out, we were back to eating in the living room, filling our mouth with food with one hand and the other hand attached to some sort of device or toy.  So i now get to enjoy a meal with other people, engaging in some adult conversation.  i forgot how good Wendy’s fries were.